Industry Talk – E.Tymchyk, B.Montgomery – April 2 2020 h21:30 (UTC+2)

Artists: Eugene Tymchyk, Brien Montgomery

Music genre: Metal

Country: Ukraine, Canada

Event date: April 2nd, 2020, h21:30 (UTC+2)

Streaming channels:
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La Musica non si Ferma –
YouTube –


Eugene Tymchyk, Ukrainian musician and music entrepreneur. He’s a frontman of two renowned bands: Septa and The Nietzsche, that both gathered huge critical acclaim worldwide. In 2016 Eugene started developing a startup that later became known as, a streaming platform for aspiring young bands that tend to do things their way instead of dealing with record labels and industry giants. As for today has more than 100K users and 50K artists, and it’s still growing and improving on the ways it could help upcoming talents.


Brien Montgomery AKA THE HORDE from He lives on Vancouver Island BC Canada. He does “The Deliverance of Doom” metal show and also puts on a small music festival called “Sludge on The Swamp”. On his show he plays all the heaviest sludge, stoner, doom metal and everything in between from all around the world. His interest in this type of music stems from his love of old southern blues. B.B.King, Muddy Waters, Freddy King, RL burnside out of this style evolved a dirtier, heavier, slower, down tuned sound which today we know as sludge, stoner , doom metal. You can check out his show every Wednesday night from 8 pm till 11pm pst