Patt Berry – Live – April 17th h18:00 (UTC+2)

Band or artist name: Patt Berry

Musical genre: Blues

Location: Czech Republic

Event Date: April 17th, h18:00 (UTC+2)

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Weeping blues guitar, dreamy voice and wide dynamic range… Simply music of Czech guitarist, singer and songwriter Patt Berry.

As a young guitar player he started to play in a few rock, metal and underground bands. His first experience with the studio was at 2015, when he was recording debut album (Entrée, 2016) with blues–rock band Fish&fish in LVGNC studios (mastered in Nashville).

His passion for music instantly led him into playing a lot of old – blues and rock’n’roll songs – often around 10 hours a day. Soon he started to participate with other bands playing different genres – usually soul and funk (even chanson with French singer Céline Bossu [demo EP Veni, Vidi, Vici in 2017]).

Due to hand injury he had to stop performing for almost one whole year.

As solo acoustic performer he was busking in the streets of Hastings (England, 2015), Eindhoven (Netherlands, 2017) and Spain (2019), where he walked over 1100km with his backpack and ukulele.