Courtney Bowles – Live – April 26th h21:30 (UTC+2)

Band or artist name: Courtney Bowles

Musical genre: Country, Blues and Pop

Location: Innisfil, Ontario

Event Date: April 26th 2020, h21:30 (UTC+2)

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Courtney is a passionate Canadian singer-songwriter who accompanies herself in performances with guitar and Piano. Courtney started her career in music desperate to find a way to connect to more people and share the support music had provided to her to as many people as possible. Courtney’s educational background consists of Child and Youth Work, Mental Health and Addictions and Community and Justice Services. Her passion for connecting with people young and old has led her down interesting paths but music has always been the answer she was looking for.

Courtney creates Country, Folk, Blue and Popular music with the dream of one day creating and learning about music in as many genres as possible. She is passionate about collaborating with other artists and connecting with people around her. She has listeners here in Canada, across the states and even in the UK where she has a group of supporters whom she has had song-writing and collaborative experiences with. Her Motto’s are “Share the Love” and “If You Have It Share It”, she firmly believes music can uplift and change people and encourages everyone to use their gifts whatever those may be.