We are living horrific times due to the sanitary emergency that lately invaded the whole European territory. Commerce, tourism, culture are on their knees. In this context, again the small actors are paying the highest price, in every market.

Just look at what’s happening to arts & culture field: events, manifestations, concerts, all cancelled or postponed and we are confined in our homes for nobody-can-tell how long and we are deprived of what gives colour to our social lives: relationships, human touch, affection.

Underground music is made by small acts that usually were already going thru difficult times due to scarce visibility and commercial appeal and now it’s completely frozen.

Remember: without a crowd LIVE MUSIC DIES.

We cannot accept this, WE WON’T SURRENDER and we want to give music back to people even in this terrible situation.

We are taking advantage of the modern technology to demolish barriers they have put before us and gather again with music lovers and fans, because music without a public cannot survive BUT music will never surrender.

This is the only possible solution at the moment.

We believe that we all, united, can give back voice to the music that comes from the heart, the underground, break the chains with the internet, once again a crucial tool to gran freedom when freedom is endangered.

Together we will prove to the World that we are a pulsing community, together we can save Arts and Music.

With this mission in mind, and courage in our spirit, we have decided to start a network where to share a virtual stage with a real crowd of music lovers.

We are building a CALENDAR OF STREAMED EVENTS, from lessons to gigs to live talks under the anthem of


Day one of initiative comes from Italy, the land of Arts And Beauty that in first instance has been vandalized by the heavy hand of this emercency.
It’s been promoted by and Italian Underground Stoner Band called El Rojo.

From El Rojo, like a GOOD VIRUS, this initiative infected thousands of people and many of them have decided to follow or do their part.

We love music, this is what moves our heart.

We want to be close to the ones that have been deprived of what they love.

Together, we will give music her voice back.




Live Streaming

#musicneverstops - Teaching

#musicneverstops - LIVE TALKS